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18th July 2006: Form is temporary; class is permanent. Is this the way to ensure permanent form...

Added by Mrs Vi Agra

Your Lordship

In the 2005 season, Ian Cross was your team's most successful batsman at a time when his good lady wife was heavy with child. In the current season, Jeremy Flight is the leading run scorer and his missus is also in the family way.

Am I the only one to notice this connection? Surely there is a message here for other batsmen in your team who are finding runs hard to come by?

Yours sincerely
Mrs Vi Agra

Lord Udder responds:

Dear Mrs Agra

Hmm... an interesting point. All I shall say is that a loving wife is better than making a 50. Better, even, than making 99. Beyond that, I cannot comment.

Lord Udder

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