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24th October 2007: An ideal 'retirement solution' for those approaching, or indeed beyond, infirmity...

Added by Rob Hicklin

Dear Lord Udder

Whilst on my holidays the other week, I noticed the attached van/ambulance parked outside and couldn't help but think that it may be useful to bring it to the attention of the Committee/our playing membership.

After all, none of us are getting younger and some are approaching infirmity, loss of mental facilities and terminal incontinence seemingly quicker than others. (No names, Nick, eh?)

It's very sweet of those nice Canadian chaps to provide us with a “tailor made retirement solution” (as I believe they call these things these days) and I wonder whether we should make a block booking now, before the rush starts?


PS I can confirm Kelowna to be temperate, green, modern and most importantly, surrounded by vineyards, so I think we'll all be OK there, Alec especially.

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