Captain s'Log

28th June 2005: Raring to Go!

Well after two weeks of well earned rest, doing jobs, gardening, sleeping etc etc we get back to business this Sunday at Lord Kings exclusive ground on the way to Melton.

During the last few days there has been much 20/20 cricket played and I saw Mr Flight and Mr Secretary at Trent Bridge last Friday evening, when Notts battered Lancs (oh yes Mr Bamber). Hopefully they will have picked up some tips on aggressive stroke play and delight us over the next few weeks. I saw Mr Street last sunday who is warming up for the match with a week in France, eatingquality food &drinking fine wine & champagne with customers (rubbish job, but someones gotta do it!).

Nice to see Mr Cross doing the real bloke thing on 12th june, when Mrs Cross came out of hospital with new baby Master Cross (Ben) and after depositing the two aforementioned family members back at home, he promptly jumped in his car and came to the match. Well come on, lets be honest when your average is 330 odd and you've been batting like a God, who wouldn't? Sadly the runs dried up that afternoon with a sorry 9 and an an average tumbling 160 odd. Still, thats what I call commitment.

Well pleased that after his debut, Rich Brown wants to be a regular and great to hear from Mr Blake, who will be returning to the fold very shortly. So Lord of the Kings here we come............

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