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2nd June 2005: Super start to the year

"I know what AC Milan feel like now"…. first thing I said having snatched defeat from the jaws of victory, in the dressing room on Sunday. The shockwaves reverberated for a full fifteen minutes or so…… until the first pint was pulled and then we looked forward to more matches with 500 runs in 80 overs, two centuries, great tea, good weather, loads of laughs, a stunning run out etc etc…….cos that's what we'd just had and it felt pretty good.

Well what a start to the year…..knocking off 200 odd at Repton school, then not being able to defend 248 at Calverton!

Simply not enough adjectives or superlatives for the 138no from Mr Cross last Sunday, coming in first wicket down at 17 overs, with a paltry 23 overs to go…..not a bad strike rate for the wonderful walking hair-do that is Ian Cross.

Great to see Mr Hicklin return to the ranks with lusty blows, 2 wickets and a sublime one hand, one stump knock over run out from mid wicket. Awesome. But even greater was his awful suicidal run out, when batting so grace/beaut –ifully. But even greater still, he asked me in the pavilion if I thought there was two? ……er no Rob, one and a bit, top side. Phew, so glad Crossy wasn't tempted to run.

Talking of running, Jez also got run out, which was a shame after a marvellous start to the year at Repton with a mouthwatering 70 odd retired hurt…..with a pulled muscle – clearly what hampered him, hence the run out this week. Bit of extra training before Belper please Jez.

Great to hear that ex player, friend of the club and general top bloke Mr Bamber and his lovely wife Wendy have started a family over in NZ, with the recent arrival of Holly. Super name that Iain, although I preferred Amber, but that's just me.

Oh and a quick tip, don't listen to Mr Briars' views on cricket, Trescothick will prevail and I should have Crossy in my fantasy side. I'm the fantasy equivalent of unlucky Alf.

Anyway Belper this Sunday and with Mr Stewardson in for Mr Spencer we have a good old side out, hope the rain holds off.

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